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Job done!

published: April 26, 2024

Dear wine lovers,

It's done, the tanks and barrels are empty, the entire 2023 vintage has been bottled and is waiting for you. From May 1, 2024 you can also…

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Wine with a focus on sustainability

published: Aug. 1, 2023

"Sustainable Austria" is a seal of quality for sustainably produced wines. They are manufactured according to economic, ecological and social criteria and are strictly checked. From the grape harvest to…

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Spring in the Wachau 2023

published: April 13, 2023

Dear friends of the Wachau!

We would like to toast spring and the new 2022 vintage with a glass of wine with you. Our winery has on 6./7. May open…

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Growing year 2023

published: Jan. 26, 2023

Dear friends of Wachau wines!

The vegetation year 2023 has begun, and with it the first preparations in the vineyard.

The main work at the moment is the grapevine pruning,…

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published: June 4, 2022


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