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Wine Letter Nr. 18

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Dear friends and lovers of Wachau wines!

Here we are again: the new vintage is presented to you in this wine letter!

In retrospect it is astonishing how narrowly we escaped some serious disasters in the past year. We were fortunately not hit by any hailstorms, nor did we suffer too much from the long dry summer – thanks to our irrigation system. Neither did we fall victim to the wasp plague since we took preventative measures in time.

Last year’s yield was simply amazing! The grape picking often had to stop at lunchtime – not because of the burning heat, but because the yield was too much for the new and bigger wine press to handle. The pickers could sometimes not believe the quantity of beautiful grapes on the vines. In short – the complete opposite to the previous year.

Wines: at the moment I could not say which wines of the current vintage will be the most exquisite. Yet, it is already indisputable that our cellar holds some exceptional reds. The whites tend to be very rich and creamy. Generally, this vintage is eminently drinkable, which makes me very optimistic. Similar to the 2006 vintage, the wines will be easy to drink but hard to go home with once tasted. Due to their fantastic maturity the 2015 wines can be bottled earlier this year! We can already offer a charming rosé, a very fruity Pinot Blanc Federspiel and a tangy Grüner Veltliner Federspiel!

Winery: our business partner Tauber-Bürlein continues to be very successful with their Heuriger (wine tavern)! Having acquired 3 new vineyards, we can also boast a little addition to our business as we will consequently cultivate 5 hectares in the following year! However, we do not plan any further expansion as long as our children are still studying. As always, we will strive to improve the production process and to operate our winery with ecological balance in mind.

Our motto for 2016:  “No wine or love for you and life would be so blue!”